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    Small Satellite Solutions

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    Near Space Environment Hardware

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    Spatial Imaging

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    High Altitude Ballooning

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    Space Outreach Programs

Our Work

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  • Solutions to Small Satellite Development

    Support to University Satellite Missions with our experience and network across the globe.

  • Near Space Environment Design

    We have been extensively working on making low cost COTS technology capable of working in Near Space Environment.

  • Creating a Platform for Space

    We conduct SpaceUp India, a Space Unconference that brings together space professionals, industry, students and enthusiasts together.

  • DIY Space Tech for enthusiasts

    Annual Small Satellite Developer Workshop for the outreach of Space in India

Clients & Partners

  • NIAR
  • BST
  • GomSpace
  • NanoSatisfi
  • SpaceUp
  • YurisNight
  • PiSAT
  • NSSC